Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Assignment #8: Animals and Literature

1. Read: Donovan, "Tolstoy's Animals."

(Donovan is adopting an "animal standpoint theory."  On standpoint theory more generally, see the IEP's discussion:

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Assignment #7: Animal Protection (updated with assignment)


1.The final chapter of Gruen.

2. Interview with the abolitionist Gary Francione

You might also enjoy spending some time perusing his website:

Here's a short video response to Francione:

3. Tom Regan on animal rights and violence:

4. Chapter 5 of "How to Do Animal Rights":

5. Francione, "Abolitionists vs. Welfarists":

Finally, a short video outlining a related topic, "Intersectionality and Species":

Q: Compose an essay taking up some aspect -- your choice -- of the debate between "abolitionists" and "welfarists."

Due: Friday, April 20.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Assignment #6: Animals in the Wild -- updated

Read: Chapter 6.

See also: Cooke, The Predation Problem; and Simmons, "Animals, Predators..."; and McMahan, "The Moral Problem of Predation."

No class Wednesday; see you Friday, the 30th.

Q: Ought we to interfere with (natural, nonhuman) predation?; due April 6.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Assignment #5:Animals and Captivity

Read Chapter 5, Gruen.  See also, Acampora, "Zoos and Eyes"

As I anticipated, I will not be on campus for several days.  In lieu of class meetings, all students will write weekly (rather than bi-weekly) essays detailed below (and, if this continues into next week, in future postings on this website).

1. Do the assigned reading and any necessary ancillary reading.
2. Here's this week's Q:  What is the "ethical dilemma" of animal captivity?  Is there a solution? (While I'm away, any weekly papers can be limited to 1-2 pages in length.)
3. Turn papers into my mailbox on the first floor of Porter 100 by 4 pm on Friday, March 23.  (They will be picked up by a colleague at that time.)
4. Raise any questions about the readings or writing assignment in the comment section of the appropriate post on my main blog-page (your comments will be visible to all).

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Assignment #4: Experimenting with Animals (updated)

Read Gruen, Chapter 4.


American Anti-vivisection Society:

National Anti-vivisection Society:

Cohen:  "The Case for the use of Animals..."

Q:  Is there a morally compelling case for the use of animals in biomedical research?

Due: Friday, March 9.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Assignment #3: Eating Animals

1. Read: Chapter 3, Gruen.
Supplemental: Francione, "Veganism as a Moral Imperative."
McMahon, "Eating Animals the Nice Way."

Q: Is veganism a moral imperative?

Due: Monday, February 26

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Assignment #2: Natural/Normative

1. Read: Chapter 2, "The Natural and the Normative."

(defending speciesism)

You may also want to read up on the "is-ought gap," (google it; or read the debate in T12: and Falyn's response in the current issue.)

Here's a thoughtful piece on Kantian indirect duties and the animal issue from the Animal Liberation Front:

Q: How are the natural and the normative related?

Due: Friday the 9th.